4L Puzzle Maths | Tangrams

4L Puzzle Maths | Tangrams.

  • Before you have a go at this one, do you know what a Tangram is?
  • A Tangram is created by splitting up a shape into pieces. For instance a square can be divided into three triangles, a smaller square and a parallelogram…
  • In this game I’ve divided squares up into various different shapes. You’ve got to use all of them to recreate the square.
  • To drag each shape into the square, simply click, drag and drop onto the playing area. Double-click to rotate the shapes 90°. Use the ‘Rotate All’ button if you want to rotate more than one shape.
  • Use levels 1, 2 & 3 to experiment, practice and develop your skills. I’ll time each go you have so you’ll know how well you’re doing. When you think that you’re Master of the Tangram, have a go at level 4 – The Challenge Level! You’ll need to get 7 out of 10 on level 3 first, so get practising!